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This crate is designed specially for those who want to create procedural macros thought string manipulation,using proc_macro::TokenStream::to_string and String::parse::<TokenStream>,bringing useful types that separe the importants parts of an item and provide display impl's of they as if it were never parsed.

When parsing a struct the fields are ordered from less to big alignment,better ideas for align them are welcome.

This crate parses well stringified items that give no syntax errors,in the opposite the functions can misbehave instead of throwing errors,as such this crate is intended for build procedural macros and an item with invalid syntax throws a compiler error before a procedural macro attribute can do anything.

Support for expressions,functions and traits will come in the future.

This crate is no_std.





Remove all the non-doc comments from an stringified item,for the doc ones use remove_item_attrs instead.


Remove the attributes and doc comments of a stringified item,useful for write procedural macro attributes.