Macro syn::custom_keyword [] [src]

macro_rules! custom_keyword {
    ($i:expr, $keyword:ident) => { ... };

Parse the given word as a keyword.

For words that are keywords in the Rust language, it is better to use the keyword! parser which returns a unique type for each keyword.

  • Syntax: custom_keyword!(KEYWORD)
  • Output: Ident
extern crate syn;

use syn::Ident;
use syn::synom::Synom;

struct Flag {
    name: Ident,

// Parses the custom keyword `flag` followed by any name for a flag.
// Example: `flag Verbose`
impl Synom for Flag {
    named!(parse -> Flag, do_parse!(
        custom_keyword!(flag) >>
        name: syn!(Ident) >>
        (Flag { name })

This macro is available if Syn is built with the "parsing" feature.