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Spelling correction & Fuzzy search based on Symmetric Delete spelling correction algorithm.

Basic Example

use symspell::{SymSpell, AsciiStringStrategy, Verbosity};

let mut symspell: SymSpell<AsciiStringStrategy> = SymSpell::default();

symspell.load_dictionary("data/frequency_dictionary_en_82_765.txt", 0, 1, " ");

let suggestions = symspell.lookup("roket", Verbosity::Top, 2);
println!("{:?}", suggestions);

let sentence = "whereis th elove hehad dated forImuch of thepast who couqdn'tread in sixtgrade and ins pired him";
let compound_suggestions = symspell.lookup_compound(sentence, 2);
println!("{:?}", compound_suggestions);




Type Definitions