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Symbolic is a library written in Rust which is used at Sentry to implement symbolication of native stack traces and more. It consists of multiple largely independent crates which are bundled together into a C and Python library so it can be used independently of Rust.

What’s in the package

Symbolic provides the following functionality:

  • Symbolication based on custom cache files (symcache)
  • Symbol cache file generators from:
    • Mach, ELF and PE symbol tables
    • Mach and ELF embedded DWARF data
    • PDB CodeView debug information
    • Breakpad symbol files
  • Demangling support
    • C++ (GCC, clang and MSVC)
    • Objective C / Objective C++
    • Rust
    • Swift
  • JavaScript sourcemap expansion (vie symbolic-cabi only, use sourcemap crate instead)
  • Proguard function mappings (via symbolic-cabi only, use proguard crate instead)
  • Breakpad processing
    • Generate Breakpad symbol files from Mach, ELF and PDBs
  • Convenient C and Python library
  • Processing of Unreal Engine 4 native crash reports
    • Extract and process minidumps
    • Expose logs and UE4 context information


Add symbolic as a dependency to your Cargo.toml. You will most likely want to activate some of the features:

  • cfi: Facilities to extract stack unwinding information (sometimes called CFI) from object files.
  • debuginfo (default): Contains support for various object file formats and debugging information. Currently, this comprises MachO and ELF (with DWARF debugging), PE and PDB, as well as Breakpad symbols.
  • demangle: Demangling for Rust, C++, Swift and Objective C symbols. This feature requires a C++14 compiler on the PATH.
  • symcache: An optimized, platform-independent storage for common debugging information. This allows blazing fast symbolication of instruction addresses to function names and file locations.
  • unreal: Processing of Unreal Engine 4 crash reports.

There are also alternate versions for some of the above features that additionally add implementations for serde::{Deserialize, Serialize} on suitable types:

  • common-serde
  • debuginfo-serde
  • unreal-serde

Minimal Rust Version

This crate is known to require at least Rust 1.41.


  • Handling of Call Frame Information (stack frame info).
  • Common functionality for symbolic.
  • Abstractions for dealing with object files and debug information.
  • Demangling support for various languages and compilers.
  • A fast lookup cache for SourceMaps.
  • Provides SymCache support.
  • API to process Unreal Engine 4 crashes.