pub trait ObjectLike<'data, 'object> {
    type Error;
    type Session: for<'session> DebugSession<'session>
        <Self::Session as DebugSession<'session>>::Error == Self::Error
; type SymbolIterator: Iterator
        <Self::SymbolIterator as Iterator>::Item == Symbol<'data>
Show 14 methods fn file_format(&self) -> FileFormat; fn code_id(&self) -> Option<CodeId>; fn debug_id(&self) -> DebugId; fn arch(&self) -> Arch; fn kind(&self) -> ObjectKind; fn load_address(&self) -> u64; fn has_symbols(&self) -> bool; fn symbols(&'object self) -> Self::SymbolIterator; fn symbol_map(&self) -> SymbolMap<'data>; fn has_debug_info(&self) -> bool; fn debug_session(&'object self) -> Result<Self::Session, Self::Error>; fn has_unwind_info(&self) -> bool; fn has_sources(&self) -> bool; fn is_malformed(&self) -> bool;
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An object containing debug information.

Required Associated Types

Errors thrown when reading information from this object.

A session that allows optimized access to debugging information.

The iterator over the symbols in the public symbol table.

Required Methods

The container format of this file.

The code identifier of this object.

The identifier can be None if it cannot be determined from the object file, for instance, because the identifier was stripped in the build process.

The debug information identifier of this object.

The CPU architecture of this object.

The kind of this object.

The address at which the image prefers to be loaded into memory.

Determines whether this object exposes a public symbol table.

Returns an iterator over symbols in the public symbol table.

Returns an ordered map of symbols in the symbol table.

Determines whether this object contains debug information.

Constructs a debugging session.

A debugging session loads certain information from the object file and creates caches for efficient access to various records in the debug information. Since this can be quite a costly process, try to reuse the debugging session as long as possible.

Constructing this session will also work if the object does not contain debugging information, in which case the session will be a no-op. This can be checked via has_debug_info.

Determines whether this object contains stack unwinding information.

Determines whether this object contains embedded sources.

Determines whether this object is malformed and was only partially parsed