Enum symbolic_debuginfo::Object[][src]

pub enum Object<'data> {

A generic object file providing uniform access to various file formats.



Breakpad ASCII symbol.


Executable and Linkable Format, used on Linux.


Mach Objects, used on macOS and iOS derivatives.


Program Database, the debug companion format on Windows.


Portable Executable, an extension of COFF used on Windows.


A source bundle.


A WASM file.


impl<'data> Object<'data>[src]

pub fn test(data: &[u8]) -> bool[src]

Tests whether the buffer could contain an object.

pub fn peek(data: &[u8]) -> FileFormat[src]

Tries to infer the object type from the start of the given buffer.

pub fn parse(data: &'data [u8]) -> Result<Self, ObjectError>[src]

Tries to parse a supported object from the given slice.

pub fn file_format(&self) -> FileFormat[src]

The container format of this file, corresponding to the variant of this instance.

pub fn code_id(&self) -> Option<CodeId>[src]

The code identifier of this object.

This is a platform-dependent string of variable length that always refers to the code file (e.g. executable or library), even if this object is a debug file. See the variants for the semantics of this code identifier.

pub fn debug_id(&self) -> DebugId[src]

The debug information identifier of this object.

For platforms that use different identifiers for their code and debug files, this always refers to the debug file, regardless whether this object is a debug file or not.

pub fn arch(&self) -> Arch[src]

The CPU architecture of this object.

pub fn kind(&self) -> ObjectKind[src]

The kind of this object.

pub fn load_address(&self) -> u64[src]

The address at which the image prefers to be loaded into memory.

pub fn has_symbols(&self) -> bool[src]

Determines whether this object exposes a public symbol table.

pub fn symbols(&self) -> SymbolIterator<'data, '_>

Notable traits for SymbolIterator<'data, 'object>

impl<'data, 'object> Iterator for SymbolIterator<'data, 'object> type Item = Symbol<'data>;

Returns an iterator over symbols in the public symbol table.

pub fn symbol_map(&self) -> SymbolMap<'data>[src]

Returns an ordered map of symbols in the symbol table.

pub fn has_debug_info(&self) -> bool[src]

Determines whether this object contains debug information.

pub fn debug_session(&self) -> Result<ObjectDebugSession<'data>, ObjectError>[src]

Constructs a debugging session.

A debugging session loads certain information from the object file and creates caches for efficient access to various records in the debug information. Since this can be quite a costly process, try to reuse the debugging session as long as possible.

Objects that do not support debugging or do not contain debugging information return an empty debug session. This only returns an error if constructing the debug session fails due to invalid debug data in the object.

Constructing this session will also work if the object does not contain debugging information, in which case the session will be a no-op. This can be checked via has_debug_info.

pub fn has_unwind_info(&self) -> bool[src]

Determines whether this object contains stack unwinding information.

pub fn has_sources(&self) -> bool[src]

Determines whether this object contains embedded source

pub fn data(&self) -> &'data [u8]

Notable traits for &'_ [u8]

impl<'_> Read for &'_ [u8]impl<'_> Write for &'_ mut [u8]

Returns the raw data of the underlying buffer.

Trait Implementations

impl<'slf, 'data: 'slf> AsSelf<'slf> for Object<'data>[src]

type Ref = Object<'slf>

The Self type with 'slf lifetimes, returned by as_self.

impl<'data> Debug for Object<'data>[src]

impl<'data: 'object, 'object> ObjectLike<'data, 'object> for Object<'data>[src]

type Error = ObjectError

Errors thrown when reading information from this object.

type Session = ObjectDebugSession<'data>

A session that allows optimized access to debugging information.

type SymbolIterator = SymbolIterator<'data, 'object>

The iterator over the symbols in the public symbol table.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<'data> !RefUnwindSafe for Object<'data>

impl<'data> Send for Object<'data>

impl<'data> Sync for Object<'data>

impl<'data> Unpin for Object<'data>

impl<'data> !UnwindSafe for Object<'data>

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