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Sycamore API Documentation

Sycamore is a VDOM-less web library with fine-grained reactivity.

This is the API docs for sycamore. If you are looking for the usage docs, checkout the Sycamore Book.


  • dom (default) - Enables rendering templates to DOM nodes. Only useful on wasm32-unknown-unknown target.
  • ssr - Enables rendering templates to static strings (useful for Server Side Rendering / Pre-rendering).
  • serde - Enables serializing and deserializing Signals and other wrapper types using serde.


pub use sycamore_reactive as reactive;
pub use crate::generic_node::hydrate;
pub use crate::generic_node::hydrate_to;
pub use crate::generic_node::render;
pub use crate::generic_node::render_to;
pub use crate::generic_node::DomNode;
pub use crate::generic_node::render_to_string;
pub use crate::generic_node::SsrNode;


The definition of the Component trait.

Context API.

Easing functions.

Iteration utility components for template.

Abstraction over a rendering backend.

Utilities for smooth transitions and animations.

References to nodes in templates.

Portal API.

The sycamore prelude.

Result of the template macro.

Internal utilities for Sycamore.


A macro for ergonomically creating complex UI structures.

Attribute Macros

A macro for creating components from functions.