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The Sycamore Router.


A router integration that uses the HTML5 History API to keep the UI in sync with the URL.

A list of Segments.

The sycamore router component. This component expects to be used inside a browser environment. For server environments, see StaticRouter.

Props for Router.

A router that only renders once with the given route.


Represents a capture of an URL segment or segments.

Represents an URL segment or segments.


A router integration provides the methods for adapting a router to a certain environment (e.g. history API).

Trait that is implemented for enums that can match routes.

Fallible conversion between a param capture into a value.

Fallible conversion between a list of param captures into a value.


Navigates to the specified url. The url should have the same origin as the app.

Navigates to the specified url without adding a new history entry. Instead, this replaces the current location with the new url. The url should have the same origin as the app.

Derive Macros

The Route procedural macro.