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svgrtypes is a collection of parsers for SVG types.

§Supported SVG types


  • Complete support of paths, so data like M10-20A5.5.3-4 110-.1 will be parsed correctly.
  • Implicit path commands will be automatically converted into explicit one.
  • Some SVG2 data types support.
  • Pretty fast.


  • Accepts only normalized values, e.g. an input text should not contain   or &data;.
  • All keywords must be lowercase. Case-insensitive parsing is supported only for colors (requires allocation for named colors).
  • The <color> followed by the <icccolor> is not supported. As the <icccolor> itself.
  • System colors, like fill="AppWorkspace", are not supported. They were deprecated anyway.


  • The library should not panic. Any panic considered as a critical bug and should be reported.
  • The library forbids unsafe code.