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SVD objects. This module defines components of an SVD along with parse and encode implementations


pub use array::MaybeArray;
pub use self::endian::Endian;
pub use self::cpu::Cpu;
pub use self::cpu::CpuBuilder;
pub use self::interrupt::Interrupt;
pub use self::access::Access;
pub use self::bitrange::BitRange;
pub use self::bitrange::BitRangeType;
pub use self::writeconstraint::WriteConstraint;
pub use self::writeconstraint::WriteConstraintRange;
pub use self::usage::Usage;
pub use self::enumeratedvalue::EnumeratedValue;
pub use self::enumeratedvalue::EnumeratedValueBuilder;
pub use self::enumeratedvalues::EnumeratedValues;
pub use self::enumeratedvalues::EnumeratedValuesBuilder;
pub use self::field::Field;
pub use self::field::FieldInfo;
pub use self::field::FieldInfoBuilder;
pub use self::registerproperties::RegisterProperties;
pub use self::addressblock::AddressBlock;
pub use self::addressblock::AddressBlockUsage;
pub use self::cluster::Cluster;
pub use self::cluster::ClusterInfo;
pub use self::cluster::ClusterInfoBuilder;
pub use self::register::Register;
pub use self::register::RegisterInfo;
pub use self::register::RegisterInfoBuilder;
pub use self::registercluster::RegisterCluster;
pub use self::dimelement::DimArrayIndex;
pub use self::dimelement::DimElement;
pub use self::dimelement::DimElementBuilder;
pub use self::peripheral::Peripheral;
pub use self::peripheral::PeripheralInfo;
pub use self::peripheral::PeripheralInfoBuilder;
pub use self::device::Device;
pub use self::device::DeviceBuilder;
pub use self::modifiedwritevalues::ModifiedWriteValues;
pub use self::readaction::ReadAction;
pub use self::protection::Protection;


Access objects

Address Block objects

Common things for structures which can be collected in arrays

Bitrange objects

Cluster objects

Cpu objects

Device objects

Dimelement objects

Endian objects

Enumerated Value objects

Enumerated Values objects

Field objects

Interrupt objects

Modified Write Values objects

Peripheral objects

Protection objects

Read Action objects

Register objects

Register Cluster objects

Register Properties objects

Usage objects

Write constraint objects


Errors from a builder

Invalid error

Errors that can occur during building.

Level of validation


Get SVD element name