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Structured, streaming values.

sval is a serialization framework that treats data as a flat stream of tokens. The source of that data could be some Rust object or parsed from some encoding. It’s well suited to self-describing, text-based formats like JSON.

§A note on docs

Even though this library’s API is stable, these docs themselves are still a work-in-progress.

§Getting started

Add sval to your Cargo.toml:

version = "2.13.0"

By default, sval doesn’t depend on Rust’s standard library or integrate with its collection types. To include them, add the alloc or std features:

version = "2.13.0"
features = ["std"]

§The Value trait

Value is a trait for data types to implement that surfaces their structure through visitors called streams. Value is like serde’s Serialize. It can also be used like serde’s Deserialize.

Many standard types in Rust implement the Value trait. It can be derived on your own types using the sval_derive library.

§The Stream trait

Stream is a trait for data formats and visitors to implement that observes the structure of values. Stream is like serde’s Serializer. It can also be used like serde’s Deserializer.


sval’s data-model is defined by the Stream trait. It includes:

  • Null
  • Booleans (true, false)
  • Text blobs
  • Binary blobs
  • Integers (u8-u128, i8-i128)
  • Binary floating points (f32-f64)
  • Maps
  • Sequences
  • Records
  • Tuples
  • Enums
  • Tags


Tag is a type for extending sval’s data-model with new kinds of values. Rust’s own () and Option<T> types are expressed as tags. Other examples of tags include text that encodes RFC3339 timestamps or RFC4122 UUIDs.

The tags module contains built-in tags. Other libraries may define their own tags too.


Complex or arbitrarily-sized values like strings, maps, and sequences can all be streamed as chunks across multiple calls to avoid intermediate buffering when it’s not necessary.

§Object safety

The Value and Stream traits aren’t object-safe themselves, but object-safe wrappers are provided by the sval_dynamic crate. This wrapper works in no-std.



  • An adapter that streams a slice of 8bit unsigned integers as binary with a fixed size.
  • An adapter that streams a slice of 8bit unsigned integers as binary.
  • Adapt a fmt::Display into an [sval::Value].
  • An error encountered while streaming a value.
  • The index of a value in its parent context.
  • A textual label for some value.
  • An adapter that streams a slice of key-value pairs as a map.
  • The absence of any meaningful value.
  • A type tag for a value.


  • A consumer of structured data.
  • A producer of structured data.


Type Aliases§

  • A generic streaming result.