[][src]Trait sum_type::SumType

pub trait SumType {
    fn variant(&self) -> &'static str;
fn variants(&self) -> &'static [&'static str];
fn downcast_ref<T: Any>(&self) -> Option<&T>;
fn downcast_mut<T: Any>(&mut self) -> Option<&mut T>;
fn variant_is<T: Any>(&self) -> bool; }

Various methods for introspection and dynamic typing.


This trait is automatically implemented for all types generated by the sum_type!() macro. You should never need to implement it manually.

Required methods

fn variant(&self) -> &'static str

The name of the current variant.

fn variants(&self) -> &'static [&'static str]

A list of all possible variants.

fn downcast_ref<T: Any>(&self) -> Option<&T>

Try to get a reference to the inner field if it is a T.

fn downcast_mut<T: Any>(&mut self) -> Option<&mut T>

Return a mutable reference to the inner field if it is a T.

fn variant_is<T: Any>(&self) -> bool

Is the underlying variant an instance of T?

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impl SumType for MySumType[src]

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