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Creates a new type that iterates of the variants of an enum.

Iterate over the variants of an Enum. Any additional data on your variants will be set to Default::default(). The macro implements strum::IntoEnumIter on your enum and creates a new type called YourEnumIter that is the iterator object. You cannot derive EnumIter on any type with a lifetime bound (<'a>) because the iterator would surely create unbounded lifetimes.

// You need to bring the trait into scope to use it!
use strum::IntoEnumIterator;
use strum_macros::EnumIter;

#[derive(EnumIter, Debug, PartialEq)]
enum Color {
    Green { range: usize },

// It's simple to iterate over the variants of an enum.
for color in Color::iter() {
    println!("My favorite color is {:?}", color);

let mut ci = Color::iter();
assert_eq!(Some(Color::Red), ci.next());
assert_eq!(Some(Color::Green {range: 0}), ci.next());
assert_eq!(Some(Color::Blue(0)), ci.next());
assert_eq!(Some(Color::Yellow), ci.next());
assert_eq!(None, ci.next());