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String implementation optimized for small sized strings(at most length mem::size_of::<usize>() * 2 - 2)


  • serde - Enables Serialize and Deserialize implementations.
  • std - Enables traits implementations dependent on std.

Missing functions

  • String::from_utf8 - due to minivec yet to be stable.
  • String::from_utf8_unchecked - due to minivec yet to be stable.
  • String::into_bytes - due to minivec yet to be stable.
  • Unstable functions of String - due to them being potentially changed.
  • String::from_raw_parts - cannot be implemented due to internal structure.


format macro to replace std’s macro


Draining iterator over String


String, similar to that in std, but optimized with SSO (small string optimization).


Extension trait to override methods that returns std’s String