Module street_index::gridconfig[][src]

Module for configuring the grid and assigning cell positions to road names



Bounding box (usually the page extents)


The Grid is your street-name grid. Right now there is no support for curved / rotated / translated grids.


Later on this struct will be extended with parameters for curving, rotations, offsets, labeling, etc. Right now it's just: how big should one cell be?


Unit struct just so it's easier to read that certain values should be in millimeter scale.


Represents one street name, layouted on the map. The StreetNameRect should be the extent of the font, not of the road itself, because if someone is searching for a road on a map, he will usually scan for the name of the road, not the line of the road. So inserting the extents of the actual road line could lead to problems.



Maps an index number to a value, necessary for creating the street index. i.e.: