[][src]Crate stream_map_any

Allow merging async Streams of different output type.

It's very similar to Tokio's StreamMap, except that it doesn't require the streams to have the same output type. This can be useful when you don't know what type of streams should be combined, acting as a runtime dynamic select.

Not a zero-cost-abstraction

Since we don't know what types of outputs the streams will generate, the generated output will be a StreamMapAnyVariant, a newtype around Box<dyn Any>. As a result, we rely on dynamic dispatching to transform it back into the desired output. Benching shows that it's 2x as slow as a StreamMap or a select macro implementation.


let int_stream = stream::iter(vec![1; 10]);
let (mut tx, rx) = channel::<String>(100);

let mut merge = StreamMapAny::new();
merge.insert(0, int_stream);
merge.insert(1, rx);

 std::thread::spawn(move || {
     tx.try_send("hello world".into()).unwrap();

 block_on(async move {
     loop {
         match merge.next().await {
             Some((0, val)) => {
                 let _val: i32 = val.value().unwrap();
             Some((1, val)) => {
                 let _val: String = val.value().unwrap();
             Some(_) => panic!("unexpected key"),
             None => break,



Combines streams with different output types into one.


Newtype around a Boxed Any.