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storus is a sdk that allows rust users to connect to stoo key-value datastore. Its consumes the grpc api of the stoo by abstracting the low level communication details.


  • Supports both http and https in connecting to stoo.
  • Supports all stoo apis set, get, delete, getAll.
  • Additional methods for default namespace and profile if preferred.


Note: The minimum configuration required is just an endpoint to get you up and running, below is an extended configurations. For example if stoo is not enabled with tls and if default namespace and profile is not required then config will become just:

let config = StooConfig::from("https://localhost:50051")

use crate::stoo::Stoo;
use crate::stoo_config::StooConfig;

async fn main() {
   let config = StooConfig::from("https://localhost:50051")
   let mut stookv = Stoo::new(config).await;
   //Set key
   let set_value = stookv.set("my-app", "prod", "database.username", "admin3").await.unwrap();
   println!("result: {}", set_value);

   //get value from key
   let value = stookv.get("my-app", "prod", "database.username").await.unwrap();
   println!("result: {}", value);

  //get all key value pairs by from a given namespace and profile
  let all = stookv.get_all_by_namespace_and_profile("my-app", "prod").await.unwrap();
   println!("result: {:?}", all);

  //get a value from default namespace and profile as initially specified
   let value_def = stookv.get_default("database.username").await.unwrap();
   println!("result: {}", value_def);