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stork is a simple futures-based library to recursively crawl sources in a search engine-like fashion. stork was designed from the ground to have a simple API that is easy to use and can be reused across multiple protocols, yielding each result giving end users the freedom to do BFS, DFS or any type of search they may so wish.

Your entry point into stork is the Storkable::new function. Have a look through the Storkable struct's documentation for your entry into the world of storking.

Note: you're probably not looking for this library on its own but a protocol implementation of it. See below for some first-party implementations:


pub use errors::StorkError;
pub use filters::FilterSet;





A Storkable represents a "thing" which is traversable ("storkable").



A StorkClient is an underlying implementation of a storker. When a Storkable is initialised a StorkClient will be created using Default::default and the instance will be shared between all child Storkables.