[][src]Trait stm32l0xx_hal::prelude::ToggleableOutputPin

pub trait ToggleableOutputPin {
    type Error;
    fn toggle(&mut self) -> Result<(), Self::Error>;

Output pin that can be toggled

This trait is available if embedded-hal is built with the "unproven" feature.

See toggleable to use a software implementation if both OutputPin and StatefulOutputPin are implemented. Otherwise, implement this using hardware mechanisms.

Associated Types

type Error

Error type

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Required methods

fn toggle(&mut self) -> Result<(), Self::Error>

Toggle pin output.

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impl<P> ToggleableOutputPin for P where
    P: Default

type Error = <P as OutputPin>::Error

fn toggle(&mut self) -> Result<(), <P as ToggleableOutputPin>::Error>[src]

Toggle pin output

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