[][src]Struct stm32f3::stm32f303::dac::cr::W

pub struct W { /* fields omitted */ }

Value to write to the register


impl W[src]

pub unsafe fn bits(&mut self, bits: u32) -> &mut Self[src]

Writes raw bits to the register

pub fn dmaudrie2(&mut self) -> _DMAUDRIE2W[src]

Bit 29 - DAC channel2 DMA underrun interrupt enable

pub fn dmaen2(&mut self) -> _DMAEN2W[src]

Bit 28 - DAC channel2 DMA enable

pub fn mamp2(&mut self) -> _MAMP2W[src]

Bits 24:27 - DAC channel2 mask/amplitude selector

pub fn wave2(&mut self) -> _WAVE2W[src]

Bits 22:23 - DAC channel2 noise/triangle wave generation enable

pub fn tsel2(&mut self) -> _TSEL2W[src]

Bits 19:21 - DAC channel2 trigger selection

pub fn ten2(&mut self) -> _TEN2W[src]

Bit 18 - DAC channel2 trigger enable

pub fn boff2(&mut self) -> _BOFF2W[src]

Bit 17 - DAC channel2 output buffer disable

pub fn en2(&mut self) -> _EN2W[src]

Bit 16 - DAC channel2 enable

pub fn dmaudrie1(&mut self) -> _DMAUDRIE1W[src]

Bit 13 - DAC channel1 DMA Underrun Interrupt enable

pub fn dmaen1(&mut self) -> _DMAEN1W[src]

Bit 12 - DAC channel1 DMA enable

pub fn mamp1(&mut self) -> _MAMP1W[src]

Bits 8:11 - DAC channel1 mask/amplitude selector

pub fn wave1(&mut self) -> _WAVE1W[src]

Bits 6:7 - DAC channel1 noise/triangle wave generation enable

pub fn tsel1(&mut self) -> _TSEL1W[src]

Bits 3:5 - DAC channel1 trigger selection

pub fn ten1(&mut self) -> _TEN1W[src]

Bit 2 - DAC channel1 trigger enable

pub fn boff1(&mut self) -> _BOFF1W[src]

Bit 1 - DAC channel1 output buffer disable

pub fn en1(&mut self) -> _EN1W[src]

Bit 0 - DAC channel1 enable

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Unpin for W

impl Sync for W

impl Send for W

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