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A proc-macro for writing functions in Rust that can be called from Starlark.


Generate {has,get,dir}_attr in the StarlarkValue impl block that proxy to the ones generated by derive(StarlarkAttrs)

Attribute Macros

Stubs for Starlark bytecode interpreter.

Write Starlark modules concisely in Rust syntax.

Derive Macros

Derive the Freeze trait.

Derive the NoSerialize trait for serde.

Derive accessor methods that are designed to be used from {has,get,dir}_attr in an impl StarlarkValue block. All fields in the struct that are not marked with #[starlark(skip)] are exported to Starlark code as attributes. NOTE: Any usage must also call starlark_attrs!() in the impl block for StarlarkValue, otherwise the generated attr methods will not be used.

Derive the Trace trait.