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StagedFile helps write data to a temporary file, and then gives the option to commit the temporary file to a desired final file path.

First, a staged file is created with the desired final path of the file. The staged file starts as a newly created temporary file.

Then, data is written out by using the StagedFile as a File ref.

Finally, the file is commited by calling StagedFile::commit(). If the temporary file contents are not to be committed, then let the StagedFile be dropped without calling commit.

use staged_file::StagedFile;
use std::fs::File;
use std::io::{prelude::*, LineWriter};
use std::path::Path;

let final_path = Path::new("/a/file/path");
let staged_file = StagedFile::with_final_path(&final_path)?;

let text = b"Hello World!";

    let mut line_writer = LineWriter::new(&staged_file);


assert_eq!(std::fs::read(final_path)?, text);


A type erased boxed error.

Creates a temporary file which can then be committed to a final path.


Possible errors when creating and committing the staged file.