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SSD1675 ePaper Display Driver

For a complete example see the Raspberry Pi Inky pHAT example.


To control a display you will need:

The Interface captures the details of the hardware connection to the SSD1675 controller. This includes an SPI device and some GPIO pins. The SSD1675 can control many different displays that vary in dimensions, rotation, and driving characteristics. The Config captures these details. To aid in constructing the Config there is a Builder interface. Finally when you have an interface and a Config a Display instance can be created.

Optionally the Display can be promoted to a GraphicDisplay, which allows it to use the functionality from the embedded-graphics crate. The plain display only provides the ability to update the display by passing black/white and red buffers.

To update the display you will typically follow this flow:

  1. reset
  2. clear
  3. update
  4. sleep


pub use config::Builder;
pub use display::Dimensions;
pub use display::Display;
pub use display::Rotation;
pub use graphics::GraphicDisplay;
pub use interface::DisplayInterface;
pub use interface::Interface;



Represents the state of a pixel in the display