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Driver library for the Solomon Systech SSD1322 dot matrix OLED display driver.

This driver is intended to work on embedded platforms using any implementation of the embedded-hal trait library.

Because the SSD1322 supports displays as large as 480x128 @ 4bpp, the primary API uses a Region abstraction to allow writing a stream of pixel data from an iterator onto a rectangular sub-region of the display area. This avoids the requirement to buffer the entire display RAM in the host, since such a buffer would consume a colossal (for a μC) 30kiB of RAM.

To use the driver:

  • Use your platform’s embedded-hal implementation to obtain the necessary I/Os where your SSD1322 display is connected. For example, in 4-wire SPI mode, you will need a configured SPI master device and one GPIO push-pull output pin device.

  • Construct a DisplayInterface, for example an SpiInterface, which will take ownership of the I/Os you just obtained.

  • Construct a Display, which will take ownership of the DisplayInterface along with the display resolution and offset parameters.

  • Referring to your display module’s datasheet, create a Config to set the various parameters in the chip appropriately for the OLEDs in your display module, and send it to the display with Display::init.

  • To draw, call Display::region or Display::overscanned_region to obtain a region instance for the rectangular area where you want to write image information. Use the draw_packed or draw methods of the region to write image data supplied by an iterator. The region is intended to be short-lived and will mutably borrow the display, so the compiler will prevent accidental clashing writes.

  • Other functions of the device, such as sleep mode, vertical pan, and contrast control, are available via methods on Display.

Example code is available in the examples folder.


pub use crate::command::consts;
pub use crate::command::ComLayout;
pub use crate::command::ComScanDirection;
pub use crate::config::Config;
pub use crate::display::Display;
pub use crate::display::PixelCoord;
pub use crate::interface::spi::SpiInterface;


The command set for the SSD1322.

Defines structs for storing register values of commands in the SSD1322 that are associated with relatively-static configuration.

The main API to the display driver. It provides a builder API to configure the display, and methods for obtaining Region instances which can be used to write image data to the display.

This module provides shims for the embedded-hal hardware corresponding to the SSD1322’s supported electrical/bus interfaces. It is a shim between embedded-hal implementations and the display driver’s command layer.