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ssd1309 OLED display driver

The driver must be initialised by passing a display_interface compatible interface peripheral to the Builder, which will in turn create a driver instance in a particular mode. By default, the builder returns a mode::RawMode instance which isn't very useful by itself. You can coerce the driver into a more useful mode by calling into() and defining the type you want to coerce to. For example, to initialise the display with an I2C interface and mode::GraphicsMode, you would do something like this:

This example is not tested
let i2c = display_interface_i2c::I2CInterface::new(/* snip */);

let mut disp: GraphicsMode<_> = Builder::new().connect(i2c).into();
disp.reset(/* snip */);
disp.set_pixel(10, 20, 1);

See the example for more usage. The entire embedded_graphics featureset is supported by this driver.

It's possible to customise the driver to suit your display/application. Take a look at the Builder for available options.


Examples can be found in the examples/ folder

Draw some text to the display

Uses mode::GraphicsMode and embedded_graphics.


extern crate cortex_m;
extern crate embedded_graphics;
extern crate embedded_hal as hal;
extern crate panic_abort;
extern crate ssd1309;
extern crate stm32f103xx_hal as blue_pill;

use blue_pill::delay::Delay;
use blue_pill::i2c::{DutyCycle, I2c, Mode};
use blue_pill::prelude::*;
use display_interface_i2c::I2CInterface;
use embedded_graphics::fonts::Font6x8;
use embedded_graphics::prelude::*;
use ssd1309::{mode::GraphicsMode, Builder};

fn main() {
    let dp = blue_pill::stm32f103xx::Peripherals::take().unwrap();
    let mut flash = dp.FLASH.constrain();
    let mut rcc = dp.RCC.constrain();
    let clocks = rcc.cfgr.freeze(&mut flash.acr);
    let mut afio = dp.AFIO.constrain(&mut rcc.apb2);
    let mut gpiob = dp.GPIOB.split(&mut rcc.apb2);
    let scl = gpiob.pb8.into_alternate_open_drain(&mut gpiob.crh);
    let sda = gpiob.pb9.into_alternate_open_drain(&mut gpiob.crh);
    let mut res = gpiob.pb7.into_push_pull_output(&mut gpiob.crl);
    let mut delay = Delay::new(cp.SYST, clocks);

    let i2c = I2c::i2c1(
        (scl, sda),
        &mut afio.mapr,
        Mode::Fast {
            frequency: 400_000,
            duty_cycle: DutyCycle::Ratio1to1,
        &mut rcc.apb1,

    let i2c_interface = I2CInterface::new(i2c, 0x3C, 0x40);

    let mut disp: GraphicsMode<_> = Builder::new().connect(i2c_interface).into();

    disp.reset(&mut res, &mut delay).unwrap();
    disp.draw(Font6x8::render_str("Hello world!", 1u8.into()).into_iter());
        Font6x8::render_str("Hello Rust!")
            .translate(Coord::new(0, 16))


pub use crate::builder::Builder;
pub use crate::builder::NoOutputPin;



Interface factory


Display rotation


Operating modes for the ssd1309


Crate prelude


Container to store and set display properties