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This is a library containing a bunch of routines that I have found useful for setting up and running experiments remotely.

Some of these utilities execute a sequence of steps. They require a shell as input and actually run a command remotely.

The rest only construct a command that can be executed and return it to the caller without executing anything.

There are also some utilities that don’t construct or run commands. They are just useful functions for constructing commands.

The centos and ubuntu submodules contain routines specifically useful for those platforms.


Functionality specific to Centos, RHEL, Amazon Linux, and other related distros.

Functionality specific to Ubuntu.


Add the executing user to the given group. Requires sudo permissions.

Create a new partition on the given device. Requires sudo permissions.

Given a string, properly escape the string so that it can be passed as a command line argument to bash.

Formats and mounts the given device as ext4 at the given mountpoint owned by the given user. The given partition and mountpoint are assumed to be valid (we don’t check). We will assume quite a few things for simplicity:

Returns the human-readable size of the devices devs. For example, ["477G", "500M"].

Given a host:ip address, return (host, ip).

Returns the list of devices mounted and their mountpoints. For example, [("sda2", "/")].

Returns a list of partitions of the given device. For example, ["sda1", "sda2"].

Returns a list of devices with no partitions. For example, ["sda", "sdb"].

Reboot and wait for the remote machine to come back up again. Requires sudo.

Sets the CPU scaling governor to the given governor. This requires

Turn off the swap device. Requires sudo permissions.

Turn on the swap device. Requires sudo permissions. Assumes the device is already formatted as a swap device (i.e. with mkswap).

Write a new general partition table (GPT) on the given device. Requires sudo permissions.