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This library provides functions to interact with the SPIFFE Workload API to fetch X.509 and JWT SVIDs and Bundles. It also provides types that comply with the SPIFFE standards.


use spiffe::bundle::jwt::{JwtAuthority, JwtBundle};
use spiffe::bundle::x509::{X509Bundle, X509BundleSet};
use spiffe::bundle::BundleSource;
use spiffe::cert::{Certificate, PrivateKey};
use spiffe::spiffe_id::{SpiffeId, TrustDomain};
use spiffe::svid::jwt::{JwtSvid, JwtSvidError};
use spiffe::svid::x509::X509Svid;
use spiffe::workload_api::client::WorkloadApiClient;
use spiffe::workload_api::x509_context::X509Context;
use std::convert::TryFrom;
use std::error::Error;

// create a new Workload API client connecting to the provided endpoint socket path
let client = WorkloadApiClient::new("unix:/tmp/spire-agent/api/public.sock")?;

// fetch the default X.509 SVID
let x509_svid: X509Svid = client.fetch_x509_svid()?;

// fetch a set of X.509 bundles (X.509 public key authorities)
let x509_bundles: X509BundleSet = client.fetch_x509_bundles()?;

// fetch all the X.509 materials (SVIDs and bundles)
let x509_context: X509Context = client.fetch_x509_context()?;

// get the X.509 chain of certificates from the SVID
let cert_chain: &Vec<Certificate> = x509_svid.cert_chain();

// get the private key from the SVID
let private_key: &PrivateKey = x509_svid.private_key();

// parse a SPIFFE trust domain
let trust_domain = TrustDomain::try_from("example.org")?;

// get the X.509 bundle associated to the trust domain
let x509_bundle: &X509Bundle = x509_bundles.get_bundle(&trust_domain).unwrap();

// get the X.509 authorities (public keys) in the bundle
let x509_authorities: &Vec<Certificate> = x509_bundle.authorities();

// parse a SPIFFE ID
let spiffe_id = SpiffeId::try_from("spiffe://example.org/my-service")?;

let target_audience = &["service1", "service2"];
// fetch a jwt token for the provided SPIFFE-ID and with the target audience `service1.com`
let jwt_token = client.fetch_jwt_token(target_audience, Some(&spiffe_id))?;

// fetch the jwt token and parses it as a `JwtSvid`
let jwt_svid = client.fetch_jwt_svid(target_audience, Some(&spiffe_id))?;

// fetch a set of jwt bundles (public keys for validating jwt token)
let jwt_bundles_set = client.fetch_jwt_bundles()?;

// get the JWT bundle associated to the trust domain
let jwt_bundle: &JwtBundle = jwt_bundles_set.get_bundle(&trust_domain).unwrap();

// get the JWT authorities (public keys) in the bundle
let jwt_authority: &JwtAuthority = jwt_bundle.find_jwt_authority("a_key_id").unwrap();

// parse a `JwtSvid` validating the token signature with a JWT bundle source.
let validated_jwt_svid =
    JwtSvid::parse_and_validate(&jwt_token, &jwt_bundles_set, &["service1.com"])?;


X.509 bundle and JWT bundle types.

Certificate and PrivateKey types and functions.

SPIFFE-ID and TrustDomain types compliant with the SPIFFE standard.

X.509-SVID and JWT-SVID types.

A client to interact with the Workload API to fetch X.509 and JWT materials.