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An implementation of the Sphinx cryptographic packet library

The Sphinx Cryptographic Packet Format

The Sphinx cryptographic packet format is a compact and provably secure design introduced by George Danezis and Ian Goldberg.

Security Features of the Sphinx packet format

  • Single Use Reply Blocks
  • per hop bitwise unlinkability
  • indistinguishable replies
  • hidden the path length
  • hidden the relay position
  • tagging attack detection
  • reply attack detection

Sphinx Mix Network Cryptographic Packet Format Specification

Sphinx: A Compact and Provably Secure Mix Format



Client-side Sphinx library functions


Sphinx routing commands


The Sphinx packet geometry is parameterization.


Sphinx error types.


an excerpt from Sphinx Mix Network Cryptographic Packet Format Specification: """ An implementation of the server-side of Sphinx, packet processing. Mix nodes process incoming packets first by performing the Sphinx Packet Unwrap operation to authenticate and decrypt the packet, and if applicable prepare the packet to be forwarded to the next node.