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Spherical blue noise generator

Library for generating points with blue noise distribution on a unit sphere.

The underlying idea for this algorithm is:

  • First generate points on a sphere with random (white) distribution.
  • Then treat each point as physically, charged particle and apply to each one repulsive force from other particles.
  • With time, particles converges to the equilibrium that resembles blue noise.

Hence, the time complexity of this algorithm is O(N^2), where N is the number of points. (could be made faster by using octree, like in barnes-hut algorithm)


use spherical_blue_noise::*;

let blue_noise_vec: Vec<(f32, f32, f32)> = BlueNoiseSphere::new(16, &mut rand::thread_rng()).into_iter().collect();
println!("{:?}", blue_noise_vec);

The basic idea is based on the paper:

Wong, Kin-Ming and Wong, Tien-Tsin. "Spherical Blue Noise", Pacific Graphics Short Papers, 2018, link



Points on sphere that forms blue noise.


Changes BlueNoiseSphere struct into iterator by converting particles into vector of 3 element tuples.