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S P E C T R U S T Y         is a library for building emulators based on various ZX Spectrum computer models and clones.

Components of the library can also be used to implement chiptune players, format converters, and more.

Because of its vast scope, SPECTRUSTY has been split into several dependent crates and one extra crate with complementary utilities. The additional crates can be used separately or through this library.

The separate crate spectrusty-utils, provides additional utilities, like TAPe organizers, tape ROM auto-loader, printer utilities, and keyboard helpers for various platforms.

Several features control which components will be included:

Additional features:

  • "snapshot" - enables serde serializers and deserializers, so custom snapshots can be created with ease in elastic formats.
  • "compression" - enables gzip compression/decompression of memory chunks stored in snapshots.
  • "boxed_frame_cache" - chipset implementations will have significantly reduced struct sizes by boxing their internal UlaFrameCache instances at the cost of a minimal performance penalty.
  • "sdl2" - enables audio implementation for SDL2 hardware abstraction layer.
  • "cpal" - enables audio implementation for cpal native audio library.

The default features are:

default = ["formats", "peripherals", "snapshot", "compression"]


Implemented by ZX Spectrum's core chipset emulators.

Responsible for code execution, keyboard input, video, and accessing peripheral devices:

UlaCommonA grouping trait that includes all of the traits listed below in this table
ControlUnitCode execution, reset/nmi, access to BusDevice peripherals
FrameStateProvides access to the frame and T-state counters
MemoryAccessProvides access to onboard memory ZxMemory and memory extensions MemoryExtension
VideoRendering video frame into pixel buffer, border-color control
KeyboardInterfaceKeyboard input control
EarInEAR line input access
MicOutMIC line output access
UlaControlAccessors for specialized ULA functionality

Audio output:

UlaAudioFrameA grouping trait that includes all of the traits listed below in this table
AudioFrameA helper trait for setting up Blep and ending audio frames
EarMicOutAudioFrameAdds Blep steps from EAR/MIC output lines data
EarInAudioFrameAdds Blep steps from EAR/MIC output lines data
AyAudioFrameRenders Blep steps from AY-3-891x sound processor

Emulated computer configurations:

HostConfigDefines CPU clock frequency and a video frame duration

Associated traits implemented by special unit structs for driving audio and video rendering and memory contention:

VideoFrameHelps driving video rendering, provides arithmetic and conversion tools for VideoTs timestamps
MemoryContentionA trait that helps establish if an address is being contended
AmpLevelsConverts digital audio levels to sample amplitudes

Implemented by other components:

traitimplemented byfunction
CpuZ80 CPUCentral processing unit
ZxMemorySystem memoryAn access to memory banks, pages, screens, attaching external ROM's
PagedMemory16kMemory groupGroups memory implementations with 16k paging capability
PagedMemory8kMemory groupGroups memory implementations with 8k paging capability
MemoryExtensionMemory extensionsInstalls program counter traps to switch in and out external banks of memory
BusDeviceI/O peripheral devicesEstablishes address and data BUS communication between CPU and peripherals
BlepBandwidth-Limited Pulse BufferAn intermediate amplitude differences buffer for rendering square-waves


These are the most commonly used:

VideoTsA video T-state timestamp, that consist of two components: a scan line number and a horizontal T-state
VFrameTs<V>A VideoFrame aware video T-state timestamp, for timestamp calculations
VFrameTsCounter<V, C>Counts T-states and handles the CPU clock contention
Ula<M, B, X, V>A chipset for emulating ZX Spectrum 16/48k PAL/NTSC
Ula128<B, X>A chipset for emulating ZX Spectrum 128k/+2
Ula3<B, X>A chipset for emulating ZX Spectrum +2A/+3
Scld<M, B, X, V>A chipset for emulating TC2048 / TC2068 / TS2068
UlaPlus<U>A wrapper chipset enhancer for emulating ULAplus graphic modes

Generic parameters


pub use spectrusty_core::z80emu;
pub use spectrusty_formats as formats;



Audio API.


System bus device emulators to be used with ControlUnits.


Chipset emulation building blocks and implementations.


T-state timestamp types and counters.


Memory API.


Emulator components of various ZX Spectrum peripheral devices.


Video API.