[][src]Trait specs::Tracked

pub trait Tracked {
    fn channel(&self) -> &EventChannel<ComponentEvent>;
fn channel_mut(&mut self) -> &mut EventChannel<ComponentEvent>;
fn set_event_emission(&mut self, emit: bool);
fn event_emission(&self) -> bool; }

UnprotectedStorages that track modifications, insertions, and removals of components.

Required methods

fn channel(&self) -> &EventChannel<ComponentEvent>

Event channel tracking modified/inserted/removed components.

fn channel_mut(&mut self) -> &mut EventChannel<ComponentEvent>

Mutable event channel tracking modified/inserted/removed components.

fn set_event_emission(&mut self, emit: bool)

Controls the events signal emission. When this is set to false the events modified/inserted/removed are not emitted.

fn event_emission(&self) -> bool

Returns the actual state of the event emission.

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impl<C, T> Tracked for FlaggedStorage<C, T>[src]

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