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✨🥸 Sparkle Impostor

A third party crate for Twilight to execute Discord webhooks that clone an existing message

✨ Features

This has grown to be a more complicated (and painful) project than expected, so let me list what it does

Opt-in features for edge-cases:

  • Clone attachments or stickers by linking to them or re-uploading them
  • Clone URL components
  • Clone messages sent after the original message, even combining them to reduce webhook executions
  • Clone reactions
  • Clone references by putting an embed
  • Clone messages in a thread/forum post or messages used to start a thread/forum post
  • Sanitize invalid usernames
  • Delete the original message and messages sent after

General features:

  • Replicate the author’s user or member avatar, embeds, anything possible
  • Change any info about the new message, for example to clone to another channel
  • Handle rate-limit retries
  • Builder-pattern to keep your code clean
  • Avoid clones and unnecessary deserialization
  • Widely tested with integration tests (Almost 1:1 LOC for source and tests)

😋 A Taste of Sparkle Impostor

This also serves as the example, since it includes most of the API surface

let mut source = MessageSource::from_message(&message, &http)
    .expect("message really can't be cloned (voice message etc)");

// example error handling
if let Err(_) = source.check_component() {
    panic!("invalid components scare me");

let later_messages = source.later_messages_batched().await?;

// a lot of edge cases
    .webhook_name("custom modified exclusive webhook name".to_owned())
    .sanitize_username("?", "????")

for later_message in later_messages {
    // create every message sent later

📦 Cargo Features

  • upload: Enables methods for re-uploading attachments

🙏 Feedback

Although widely tested, there may still be bugs, or you might have feature suggestions, please create issues for these!

🧪 Testing

The crate uses integration tests as opposed to unit tests to test real-world usage. It creates a message and clones it, then the tester checks if the message is cloned as expected

Before starting, set these environment variables, you can also put them in a .env file:

  • BOT_TOKEN: The token of the bot to use for testing
  • CHANNEL_ID: The channel in which the messages and webhooks will be crated
  • FORUM_CHANNEL_ID: The forum channel in which cloning messages/threads in forum channels will be tested
  • NOT_LAST_SOURCE_THREAD_ID: The bot will create a thread and spam to 200 in it the first time the tests are ran, to avoid doing this again, set this to the ID of this thread
  • GUILD_EMOJI_ID: ID of an emoji that’s in the guild CHANNEL_ID is in

Required permissions in CHANNEL_ID and FORUM_CHANNEL_ID:


Required additional permissions in FORUM_CHANNEL_ID:


Test with a single thread to avoid race conditions: cargo test --all-features -- --test-threads=1