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space_rx is a crate that provides easy to use request builders for all available endpoints in the unofficial SpaceX API. These request builders return a model after being built and sent, which in turn gives you type-safe, Rustacious access to all fields exposed by each of the endpoints.

To get right to the available request builders, scroll to the bottom of this page, select your API version of choice, and then head into the requests module. For example, v2_api/requests.


Add this to your Cargo.toml file:

space_rx = "0.2"


Here's an example in which we make a request to the v2/rockets/{rocket_id} - we specify the rocket_id as a field in the request builder.

extern crate space_rx;

use space_rx::v2_api::requests::rocket::*;

fn main() {
    let req = RocketRequestBuilder::default().rocket_id("falcon9").build().unwrap();
    let rocket = space_rx::send(&req).unwrap();

    println!("The Falcon 9 weighs {:?}lbs.  Wow!",;
    println!("The Falcon 9's landing legs are made out of {:?}.", rocket.landing_legs.material.unwrap());
    println!("The Falcon 9's {:?} engines used {:?} and {:?} as propellant.", rocket.engines.number, rocket.engines.propellant_1, rocket.engines.propellant_2);

How's Starman doing? Let's find out!

extern crate space_rx;

use space_rx::v2_api::requests::info::*;

fn main() {
    let req = RoadsterInfoRequestBuilder::default().build().unwrap();
    let roadster_info = space_rx::send(&req).unwrap();

    println!("Here's how Starman is doing: {:?}", roadster_info);

The launch style endpoints have lots of potential parameters to filter requests. Let's try some of those.

extern crate space_rx;

use space_rx::SortDir;
use space_rx::v2_api::requests::launch::*;

fn main() {
    let req = AllLaunchesRequestBuilder::default().reused(true)
                                                  .site_name("CCAFS SLC 40")

    let launches = space_rx::send(&req).unwrap();

    println!("{:?}", launches);

And here we get some information about the Dragon 1 capsule.

extern crate space_rx;

use space_rx::v2_api::requests::capsule::*;

fn main() {
    let req = CapsuleRequestBuilder::default().capsule_id("dragon1").build().unwrap();
    let capsule = space_rx::send(&req).unwrap();

    println!("The Dragon 1 capsule can hold {:?} people.", capsule.crew_capacity);
    println!("How much junk does the Dragon 1 capsule have in the trunk?  Well, this much: {:?}.", capsule.trunk);

Curious to know what launchpads SpaceX uses? Let's try that.

extern crate space_rx;

use space_rx::v2_api::requests::launchpad::*;

fn main() {
    let req = LaunchpadRequestBuilder::default().launchpad_id("ksc_lc_39a").build().unwrap();
    let kennedy_space_center_39a_launchpad = space_rx::send(&req).unwrap();

    println!("{:?} has launched these rockets: {:?}.", kennedy_space_center_39a_launchpad.full_name, kennedy_space_center_39a_launchpad.vehicles_launched);
    println!("{:?} is located at {:?}.", kennedy_space_center_39a_launchpad.full_name, kennedy_space_center_39a_launchpad.location);

How about the parts used in all capsules? We can find that, too.

extern crate space_rx;

use space_rx::v2_api::requests::part::*;

fn main() {
    let req = AllCapsulePartsRequestBuilder::default().build().unwrap();
    let capsule_parts = space_rx::send(&req).unwrap();

    println!("Here are the parts used in SpaceX capsules: {:?}", capsule_parts);



Contains the models (the things returned from requests) and request builders for the V2 API.



Direction in which to sort returned results - can be used as a parameter in some request types.



Behavior for sendable SpaceX API requests.



Sends off a built SpaceX API request, and returns the model associated with the request type.