[][src]Function sounding_analysis::robust_convective_parcel

pub fn robust_convective_parcel(snd: &Sounding) -> Result<ParcelAnalysis>

A more robust convective parcel analysis.

Some approximations are used in many algorithms which are usually good enough. However, sometimes they are close but miss the mark. Not to mention we are using linear interpolation in so many places. Convective parcel analysis is one of those areas where sometimes this comes up and we have a "convective parcel" with the equilibrium level below the lifting condensation level. It's almost always very close though.

This algorithm finds the convective parcel the fast way, and if it is good, then it just uses that parcel. Otherwise it tweaks the parcel to find a better convective parcel. Better meaning that the EL is above or equal to the LCL. This algorithm is MUCH slower in cases where the 'fast way' doesn't work.