[][src]Function sounding_analysis::partition_cape

pub fn partition_cape(pa: &ParcelAnalysis) -> Result<(JpKg, JpKg)>

Partition the CAPE between dry and moist ascent contributions. EXPERIMENTAL.

This is an experimental function that calculates how much CAPE there would be with a "dry" ascent only. Above the LCL it keeps the parcel saturated but keeps lifting it at the dry adiabatic lapse rate, and then calculates the CAPE of this profile. The difference between this value and the CAPE is the amount of CAPE added by latent heat release. It isn't perfect, but when applied to a convective parcel (think CCL and convective temperature) it can be used to partition the energy contributed by heating the column from the sun and the energy added by latent heat release. This can be useful for analyzing convection initiated by wildfire and estimating how much the convective column is being driven by the surface heating and how much it is being driven by latent heat release.

Returns a tuple with (dry_cape, wet_cape)