[][src]Function sorer::parsers::parse_line

pub fn parse_line(i: &[u8]) -> Option<Vec<Data>>

Parses a row of SoR data, i (as a &[u8]), into a Option<Vec<Data>> Returning Some if i was a valid sor row, None otherwise. It parses using the most conservative precedence possible. Types bool are parsed first, then int, then float, then string. If a field is invalid, returns a None.


use sorer::parsers::parse_line;
use sorer::dataframe::Data;
let i = b"< 1 > < hi >< +2.2 >";



This function calls std::str::from_utf8_unchecked, meaning that it does not check that the bytes passed to it are valid UTF-8. If this constraint is violated, undefined behavior results, as the rest of Rust assumes that &strs are valid UTF-8.

Since SoR files are guaranteed to only contain valid C++ strings, and thus only valid utf-8, then this constraint only applies to consumers of the crate and not users of the SoRer executable.