Module solana_sdk::feature_set

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Collection of all runtime features.

Steps to add a new feature are outlined below. Note that these steps only cover the process of getting a feature into the core Solana code.

  1. Generate a new keypair with solana-keygen new --outfile feature.json --no-passphrase
    • Keypairs should be held by core contributors only. If you’re a non-core contributor going through these steps, the PR process will facilitate a keypair holder being picked. That person will generate the keypair, provide pubkey for PR, and ultimately enable the feature.
  2. Add a public module for the feature, specifying keypair pubkey as the id with solana_sdk::declare_id!() within the module. Additionally, add an entry to FEATURE_NAMES map.
  3. Add desired logic to check for and switch on feature availability.

For more information on how features are picked up, see comments for Feature.