AccountInfo represents a reference to AccountSharedData in either an AppendVec or the write cache. AccountInfo is not persisted anywhere between program runs. AccountInfo is purely runtime state. Note that AccountInfo is saved to disk buckets during runtime, but disk buckets are recreated at startup.

Persistent accounts are stored in below path location: //data/

Persistent storage for accounts.

The bank module tracks client accounts and the progress of on-chain programs.

The bank_forks module implements BankForks a DAG of checkpointed Banks

defines block cost related limits

Cached data for hashing accounts

Cached data for hashing accounts

’cost_model` provides service to estimate a transaction’s cost following proposed fee schedule #16984; Relevant cluster cost measuring is described by #19627

cost_tracker keeps tracking transaction cost per chained accounts as well as for entire block The main functions are:

calculate and collect rent from Accounts

Information about snapshot archives

Helper types and functions for handling and dealing with snapshot hashes.

This module implements clone-on-write semantics for the SDK’s StakeHistory to reduce unnecessary cloning of the underlying vector.

Stakes serve as a cache of stake and vote accounts to derive node stakes