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SNAFU user’s guide

Looking for quick help or answers? Please see the troubleshooting page.

Once you’ve got a high-level idea of what SNAFU can do by looking at the quick example and some more examples, take a peek at our design philosophy.

For more advanced usage, take a deeper dive into what the Snafu macro generates, how to create opaque error types, how to create error structs, and how to use generic types and lifetimes.

For optional features of the crate, see our list of feature flags.

If you are targeting an older release of Rust, you will be interested in the compatibility section.

For upgrading from a previous version, review the upgrading guide.

For comparisons and migration tips from another error library, see the comparison list.


Comparisons to similar libraries
Rust version compatibility
Examples of using SNAFU
Optional extensions to the crate
Using generic types
How to create opaque error types for public APIs
SNAFU’s design philosophy
Struct errors
Troubleshooting common issues
Upgrading from previous releases
What code is generated by the Snafu macro