[][src]Crate smpte2022_1_packet

Zero-copy access to the header fields of packets formatted according to SMPTE 2022-1, also know as 'Pro MPEG FEC' or '1D/2D parity FEC'.

Note this does not implement FEC encoding or decoding, just the parsing of the packet header fields. For a decoder, see the smpte2022-1-fec crate.

Header data format

syntax fec_header() {
    SNBase low bits             u16
    Length Recovery             u16
    E                           u1
    PT recovery                 u7
    Mask                        u24
    TS recovery                 u32
    N                           u1
    D                           u1
    type                        u3
    index                       u3
    Offset                      u8
    NA                          u8
    SNBase ext bits             u8



The set of headers values in a SMPTE 2022-1 packet.



Errors which may occur when trying to parse FEC header data


Identifies whether a FEC packet belongs to the is associated with a 'row' or a 'column' of media packets.