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A embedded_nal-compatible network stack for smoltcp


To use this library, first instantiate the smoltcp::iface::Interface and add sockets to it. Once sockets have been added, pass the interface to NetworkStack::new().

Sharing the Stack

If you have multiple users of the network stack, you can use the [shared::NetworkManager] by enabling the shared-stack feature. Note that this implementation does not employ any mutually exclusive access mechanism. For information on how to use this manager, refer to [shared_bus::AtomicCheckMutex]’s documentation.

When sharing the stack, it is the users responsibility to ensure that access to the network stack is mutually exclusive. For example, this can be done when using RTIC by storing all of the resources that use the network stack in a single resource.


pub use embedded_nal;
pub use smoltcp;


Network abstraction layer for smoltcp.


Combination error used for polling the network stack