[][src]Crate smallstr

Implements SmallString, a String-like container for small strings

no_std support

By default, smallstr does not depend on std. However, the ffi feature will add std as a dependency.

ffi feature

The ffi feature will add the following trait implementations to SmallString:

  • PartialEq<OsStr>
  • PartialEq<&'_ OsStr>
  • PartialEq<OsString>
  • PartialEq<Cow<'_, OsString>>

This feature also adds std as a dependency.

serde support

When the serde feature is enabled, the traits serde::Deserialize and serde::Serialize are implemented for SmallString.

This feature is disabled by default.

union feature

This feature will enable the union feature in smallvec, which reduces the size of a SmallString instance. This feature requires a nightly compiler.



A draining iterator for SmallString.


A possible error value when creating a SmallString from a byte array.


A String-like container that can store a small number of bytes inline.