Function slug::slugify[][src]

pub fn slugify<S: AsRef<str>>(s: S) -> String

Convert any unicode string to an ascii "slug" (useful for file names/url components)

The returned "slug" will consist of a-z, 0-9, and '-'. Furthermore, a slug will never contain more than one '-' in a row and will never start or end with '-'.

use self::slug::slugify;

assert_eq!(slugify("My Test String!!!1!1"), "my-test-string-1-1");
assert_eq!(slugify("test\nit   now!"), "test-it-now");
assert_eq!(slugify("  --test_-_cool"), "test-cool");
assert_eq!(slugify("Æúű--cool?"), "aeuu-cool");
assert_eq!(slugify("You & Me"), "you-me");
assert_eq!(slugify(""), "user-example-com");