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Slog Kickstarter. Easily sets up slog for structured logging.

  • enables JSON logging if RUST_LOG_JSON=1 (i.e. set RUST_LOG_JSON=1 for your deployment, or put ENV RUST_LOG_JSON=1 into your Dockerfile)
  • inits and configures stdlogger, so crates using info!() from the (default) log-crate can log messages
  • allows to enable debugging for given modules (typically your own modules)
  • sets default loglevel ‘Info’
  • supports well-known [RUST_LOG](https://crates.io/crates/env_logger)


use slog_kickstarter::SlogKickstarter;
use slog_scope::set_global_logger;
use slog::o;

let root_logger = SlogKickstarter::new("service-name").init();
let _guard = set_global_logger(root_logger.new(o!("scope" => "global")));


the actual slog builder