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Slippy Map Tilenames

The slippy_map_tilenames crate provides functions to convert lon/lat coordinates to slippy map tile format. See this article by

Some other functions to help in dealing with the slippy map format are provided as well.

Breaking Changes

This crate is designed for retrocompatibility; i.e., to provide functions that consistently have the same signature, no matter which version of the crate you will use.


All the functions provided by this crate do not check the validity of the data in input. However, since they are based on equations, some of them still give in output a result in presence of invalid input; this result is indeed meaningles.

The care of checking on the validity of the data in input is left to the user of this crate.

For further reference, see the sections Unexpected Behavior related to each function.



Convert lon/lat coordinates to a slippy map tile, at a given zoom.


Convert slippy map tile to lon/lat coordinates, at a given zoom.


Zooms in starting from the given tile


Zooms out starting from the given tile