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The sliding_features crate provides modular, chainable sliding windows for various signal processing function and technical indicators


ALMA - Arnaud Legoux Moving Average reference: https://forex-station.com/download/file.php?id=3326661&sid=d6b440bfbba5e1905b4c75188c2797ce

Add View a to b

Shannon entropy sliding window over values, where a positive / negative values are interpreted as true / false

John Ehlers Center of Gravity Indicator from: https://mesasoftware.com/papers/TheCGOscillator.pdf

Provides a float value to other views

John Ehlers Correlation Trend Indicator from: https://financial-hacker.com/petra-on-programming-a-unique-trend-indicator/

Cumulative Sliding Window with a chained view

John Ehlers Cyber Cycle Indicator from: https://www.mesasoftware.com/papers/TheInverseFisherTransform.pdf

Divide View a by b

EMA - Exponential Moving Average

Echo always return the last value just like an echo

John Ehlers Fisher Transform Indicator from: http://www.mesasoftware.com/papers/UsingTheFisherTransform.pdf

Greater Than or Equal Will allow values >= clipping_point tough and clip other values to the clipping point

A sliding High - Low Normalizer

Lower Than or Equal filter, which only allows values lower than the specified clipping point through

John Ehlers Laguerre Filter from: http://mesasoftware.com/papers/TimeWarp.pdf

John Ehlers LaguerreRSI from: http://mesasoftware.com/papers/TimeWarp.pdf

Multiply View a by b

John Ehlers MyRSI from: http://www.mesasoftware.com/papers/Noise%20Elimination%20Technology.pdf

John Ehlers Noise elimination technology using kendall correlation from http://www.mesasoftware.com/papers/Noise%20Elimination%20Technology.pdf

A PolarizedFractalEfficiency indicator with output range [-1.0 and 1.0] rather than [-100, 100] it is also possible to use a custom moving average instead of the default EMA in the original

Rate of Change Indicator

Relative Strength Index Indicator

John Ehlers ReFlex Indicator from: https://financial-hacker.com/petra-on-programming-a-new-zero-lag-indicator/

Roofing Filter by John Ehlers From paper: http://www.stockspotter.com/files/PredictiveIndicators.pdf

SMA - Simple Moving Average

Subtract View a from b

John Ehlers SuperSmoother filter from https://www.mesasoftware.com/papers/PredictiveIndicatorsForEffectiveTrading%20Strategies.pdf

Applies the Tanh function to the output of its View component

John Ehlers TrendFlex Indicators from: https://financial-hacker.com/petra-on-programming-a-new-zero-lag-indicator/

Variance Stabilizing Centering Transform Sliding Window

Variance Stabilizing Transform uses the standard deviation to normalize values

Welford online algorithm for computing mean and variance on-the-fly over a sliding window


The most important Trait, defining methods which each sliding feature needs to implement