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Simple XML Serialization

This is a Rust crate for serialization of data to XML. XMLElements can either be built manually, or the simple_xml_serialize_macro crate can be used to generate From implementations for structs.

Example Usage

use simple_xml_serialize::XMLElement;

fn main() {
    // build up your XMLElement with individual calls ...
    let mut ele = XMLElement::new("person");
    ele.add_attr("age", 28); // accept any value that implements `ToString`.
    ele.set_text("John Doe");

    // ... or with the builder pattern
    let sub_ele = XMLElement::new("person")
        .attr("age", 4)
        .text("Jane Doe");

    ele.add_element(sub_ele); // `add_element` accepts values that implement `Into<XMLElement>`

    let expected = r#"<person age="28"><person age="4">Jane Doe</person>John Doe</person>"#;
    assert_eq!(expected, ele.to_string());
    println!("{}",  ele.to_string_pretty("\n", "\t")); // specify your preferred newline and indentation for pretty printing

    ele.set_text("John Doe > John Deere"); // illegal characters in text will be substituted e.g. > becomes &gt;
    let expected = r#"<person age="28"><person age="4">Jane Doe</person>John Doe &gt; John Deere</person>"#;
    assert_eq!(expected, ele.to_string());

    ele.set_text("<![CDATA[John Doe > John Deere]]>"); // illegal characters in CDATA tags are respected
    let expected = r#"<person age="28"><person age="4">Jane Doe</person><![CDATA[John Doe > John Deere]]></person>"#;
    assert_eq!(expected, ele.to_string());



A key/value pair that is serialized inside the opening tag of an XMLElement.


The basic type this crate provides. Functions are provided for setting/adding to the fields in this struct. Any manipulation past that is left to the user by accessing the fields directly.