[][src]Crate simple_process_stats

A small library to get memory usage and elapsed CPU time.

  • Supports Windows, Linux and macOS.
  • Async interface, uses tokio::fs for file operations
use simple_process_stats::ProcessStats;

let process_stats = ProcessStats::get().await.expect("could not get stats for running process");
println!("{:?}", process_stats);
// ProcessStats {
//     cpu_time_user: 421.875ms,
//     cpu_time_kernel: 102.332ms,
//     memory_usage_bytes: 3420160,
// }

On Linux, this library reads /proc/self/stat and uses the sysconf libc function.

On Windows, the library uses GetCurrentProcess combined with GetProcessTimes and K32GetProcessMemoryInfo.

On macOS, this library uses proc_pidinfo from libproc (and current process ID is determined via libc).



Holds the retrieved basic statistics about the running process.



An error that occurred while trying to get the process stats.