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Simple AWS S3

Provides the simple way to work with AWS S3. It use reqwest to execute the reqwest.

This package is developing while waiting the fully supported from aws-sdk from Amazon.


  • Post Presigned (Upload from browser)
  • Get Presigned (Download from browser)
  • Bucket Operations:
  • Object Operations:
    • Head Object (Retrieve Information of an Object)
    • Delete Object


use chrono::Duration; use reqwest::multipart::{Form, Part}; use reqwest::StatusCode; use simple_aws_s3::{PostPresignedInfo, S3};

// Before run this example, please replace s3 config below by your config. const ACCESS_KEY: &str = “AKIAIOSFODNN7EXAMPLE”; const SECRET_KEY: &str = “wJalrXUtnFEMI/K7MDENG/bPxRfiCYEXAMPLEKEY”; const REGION: &str = “us-east-1”; const ENDPOINT: &str = “s3.amazonaws.com”; const BUCKET: &str = “examplebucket”;

#[tokio::main] async fn main() { let s3 = S3::new(BUCKET, REGION, ENDPOINT, ACCESS_KEY, SECRET_KEY);

let key = String::from("text.txt");
let content = "Hello world";

// Upload by Post Presigned
let PostPresignedInfo { upload_url, params } = s3
let mut form = Form::new();
for (key, value) in params {
    form = form.text(key, value);
let part = Part::text(content).mime_str("plain/text").unwrap();
form = form.part("file", part);
let res = reqwest::Client::new()
assert_eq!(res.status(), StatusCode::NO_CONTENT);

// Download by Query Param (Get Presigned)
let download_url = s3.generate_presigned_get(&key, 3600).unwrap();
let res = reqwest::Client::new()
assert_eq!(res.status(), StatusCode::OK);
assert_eq!(res.text().await.unwrap(), content);



pub use s3::*;
pub use s3_constant::*;
pub use s3_post_policy::*;
pub use s3_signer::*;
pub use s3_string_to_sign::*;