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This crate provides a simple interface for reading the contents of Minecraft region files (.rca). This crate contains no functionality for writing and the reading is only to the extent of getting particular blocks, getting biomes, and getting heightmaps.


use simple_anvil::region::Region
fn main() {
    let region = Region::from_file("r.0.0.mca".to_string());
    let chunk = region.get_chunk(2, 3).unwrap();
    let block = chunk.get_block(5, -12, 9);
    println!("{}", block.id);


A struct to represent a typical block in Minecraft. Really only used for gathering the name/id of a block.

A representation of a chunk of blocks in Minecraft. 16x16x384? blocks are contained within a single chunk. This struct is used to fetch particular Blocks or to get information such as heightmaps and biomes.

A representation of a region file that is used to store chunk data, functionality is limited to getting particular chunks.